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Put Your Company’s Identity Access on Autopilot

Powerful machine learning models help your company stay secure while empowering your employees to be productive with exactly the right access.
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Trusted by top companies across multiple industries

Machine Learning Powered Risk Assessment

Intelligent Risk Assessment for the Employee Lifecycle

Harmonize uses a state-of-the-art machine learning model to make intelligent risk decisions for user access requests. Our model observes approval and denial trends across your company and can even alert you when it thinks an employee has access to a tool they don’t need, which can save your business time and money.

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Intelligent Risk

Smart access decisions for optimizing security and efficiency in user permissions. Ensure a protected environment and streamlined workflow.

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Risk Management

Access optimization through intelligent analysis for user permission protection and efficiency. Make informed decisions and minimize risks.

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Intelligent Access

Efficient risk analysis for access with smart decision-making in user permissions. Optimize system security and ensure appropriate access.

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Precise Decisions

Optimized access with AI for secure and efficient permissions based on precise risk analysis. Make informed decisions and avoid system vulnerabilities.

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Just in Time Access

Access When You Need It, Peace of Mind When You Don’t

Your employees get access to the applications they need, but only when they need it. Harmonize removes access to resources when your employee doesn’t need it–like after hours or on weekends–eliminating a major attack surface used to breach companies.

Fast and Accurate Access Decisions

Why Are You Still Building Workflows?

With Harmonize, your employees will receive fast and accurate approvals for most of their access requests.

  • Don’t waste time building approval workflows.
  • Less downtime while waiting for requests to get processed.
  • Let your employees spend more time doing what they do best.
  • Keep your business moving.
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Focus on Employee Experience

Make Your Employees Part of Your Security Plan 

Legacy security tools have a reputation of slowing your employees down by interrupting their workflows. Harmonize has been thoughtfully designed to let employees quickly gain access to the apps they need, all while keeping your organization secure.

Enterprise Security for Everyone

Enterprise Security for Everyone

Many security products are built only for the enterprise, meaning security is often an afterthought for smaller companies. Harmonize helps smaller businesses build a security-first culture from the start and scales with companies as they grow.

Customer Testimonials

Discover what our valued clients have to say about us.

“Before being introduced to Harmonize, I kept telling my friends that someone needs to build a truly automated employee lifecycle and identity management platform.

I have tried other software before, but nothing worked as advertised, so we did everything manually for so long.

The Harmonize team clearly understands the problem space and what they have built so far proves that.”


Andrew Lawrence



“We have a normal tech stack, but no systems connected easily leaving us with identity sprawl. There were still so many manual onboarding and offboarding tasks even with our SSO provider.

Harmonize acts as the connective tissue between our IT and People systems, seamlessly flowing employee data across all integrations.

We’re really excited about the future of the platform.”


Max Neumann

Director of SRE

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Bring The Tools You Already Use

Harmonize works with the apps and services your organization has. Our ever-growing library of integrations means your employees can keep using the tools they know and stay productive.

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